Lenox, MA

We had a great day in Lenox. We ate at a quaint little diner for b-fast – but they didn’t seem to have ‘James Taylor Special’ plate today. Too bad – I would have gotten it w/a side of ‘Carly Simon’. But after a trip to Great Barrington, Andrew, Rebecca, Denton and myself went out to a faboo restaurant for diner – Firefly. Afterward it was to a bar at a neighborhood inn. Live entertainment – which is always iffy at best. He started off w/some Beatles and swiftly went into some James Taylor: to which, a man at the bar audibly said, “well, THAT’S it, I’m outta here!”. This had the four of us laughing – Becky and myself almost uncontrollably. I just chimed in – ‘….and I’m right behind you…’.

But we did have good conversation, great food, decent wine – and then beer. What more could we want? I hate to see the trip end – at least the Lenox portion…..but work does await. ….and so does Kylie and Tovah!


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