Entertainment Update

Whoa – it’s been a coon’s age since I’ve blogged. Holidays. Trip to Columbus. Visitors and family staying with us – it’s been non-stop, but nice.

This weekend, back to work on the kitchen, while trying to keep up w/neglected yard work. Damn that show ‘Curb Appeal’!

BTW…I suggest not taking a 2 and 4 yo to ‘Finding Nemo’. It’s not that it can’t be distrubing for them – it can. But it’s long. Not adult long – but it definately goes past their attention span. I missed parts of the movie (like how Nemo became missing), due to the up/down of the kids and trying to herd them. Now we’ll have to see it as just adults either in the theatre or when it comes out on DVD. Ellen DeGeneres was great. I love Albert Brooks – but oy, was he annoying!

We also just got back from seeing Sheryl Crow @ Cain Park. It’s nice to have a small-ish ampitheatre 1/2 mile from your house. She was pretty good – I must say (say in your best Ed Grimley voice)…..though the place was overrun by lesbians. Who knew?


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