So, I haven’t been blogging – a fact that was pointed out to me by Tom Green just the other day. I stand guilty as charged. Certainly nothing fun to report. Not funny anyway. It’s been work work work – either at the office or at home (and I don’t even want to start discussing the office part).

…and nothing goes as you plan – does it? The kitchen renovation is coming along slowly…but nothing is turning out like we thought. Maybe they never do – but it’s frustrating. Cracked pipes under the sink….the new sink that doesn’t fit (who knew that all sinks are now 25″W and since our bottom cupboards are from the ’40s only support a 19″ one – which, btw, do not exist anymore. So now we’re on to looking at new cupboards (bottom only) – which will work better w/the countertop too. Still – you get in a mindset to get this shit done, and it’s setback after setback. ……and the floor guys are coming on Wed to put down the new hardwood floor. tick tick tick – or reschedule the flooring. UGH.


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