I was a tad bit surprised by Howard Dean’s low the percentage in the Iowa caucuses. Everything polling as late as Sunday had Kerry, Edwards and Dean somewhat even.

Am I disheartened that Dean placed 3rd? A little. Keep in mind that Clinton also came in 3rd in 1992 and only got 2.8% of the vote to Tom Harkin’s 76% (and we all know how well THAT turned out for Tom). Dean also has more than twice the money than Kerry.

Gephardt won in 1988 with 31% to Dukauksis’ 22% (again, a 3rd place showing) – and see how well THAT turned out for Dick. I will say I am WAY more surprised that Gephardt was the one to drop-out….and so early. I thought he’d be there through S. Carolina.

Very few people seem to be factoring in that neither Clark nor Lieberman participated in Iowa. The vote would have been somewhat different – though maybe not giving Dean the win.



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