Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar

Finally I gave to the Kerry campaign. I was mentioning to some folks the other day that I just wasn’t feelin’ the love w/him. He’s no Howard Dean. Gov & M.D.!

But Becky took me (and Jon too) to task for not contributing to the ousting Bush. Jon wanted to wait until he knew who Kerry’s running mate would be. Becky’s response?


That’s unconscienable! (Spelling?!) Why don’t you just go ahead and VOTE for Bush, too???!!

Really, what are you waiting for? To see if HITLER is going run w/Kerry? I’d still vote for them, frankly.

Shame, shame on you.

Yes. Shame Shame on us. I did notice Morty never mentioned whether he’s given or not. HE wasn’t spanked!


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