I’ve Been Gallop’d

For those who’ve wondered if there actually ARE Gallop polls – there are!

Saturday morning my phone rings and caller id reads ‘Gallop Poll’. Of course, I answer. And answer all their election-type questions.

All about Kerry v Bush. Though a few ‘what ifs’ – like throwing in Nader’s name into the mix. A lot of questions about my voting habits and what I thought would be biggest issue of November. I only got to chose between Terrorism, Economy and Iraq. “I think Bush is a flaming asshole” apparently was not one of the choices.

Crystal (that was my pollster’s name) was very nice and appreciative that I stayed w/the survey. I’m assuming many hang-up. I thanked her for letting me participate. Then we did lots of demographic info – age, political leanings, household income…..blah blah blah.

I feel like I got to vote for President twice this year!!


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