Good Sign?

The NYT is reporting that in Ohio there is a 250% increase on new Democratic registrations!! They performed a county-by-county analysis on registrations since January ’04. Republicans have increased 25%. (Florida is showing similar patterns, though no data on other swing states was in the article.)

Is it possible that the polls putting Bush ahead in Ohio are off? I’m not sure what polls are considering ‘likely voters’ – but you have to figure a 250% increase in Democratic registration could give Kerry a huge bump. I mean, these folks have to be unhappy w/the job Georgie-Porgie is doing…..and Shrub barely eeked out a win in Ohio in 2000 (and we all know he didn’t win @ all in FL).

…and I swear to g-d, Kerry better get down to bwass tacks (as Lily Von Schtup would say). Get over Vietnam. Get over Bush’s service record. HAMMER on the issues. Today’s issues. Bush has got this inordinate amount of luck where fuck-ups from others take the heat off him.



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