Your Daughter Wears Army Boots!

So the National Review is saying that Kerry/Edwards are using the lowest form of politics to win the election: by using the personal life of Mary Cheney!!

Since Bush/Cheney is counting on the socially conservative and religious vote – by mentioning her in the debate, supposedly these groups will now be discouraged from going to vote at all (since they won’t vote for Kerry either).

But no one is taking into account the way the debate question was presented: ‘Do you think that homosexuality is a choice?’ Bush’s great great answer: “I don’t know. I just don’t know.” At least Kerry humanized his response by mentioning Cheney. Dick(head) Cheney even thanked Edwards during the VP debate about kind words he said regarding his daughter.

Going further Bush mentioned that he thought marriage should not be decided by the courts – but I guess the gov’t providing a constitutional amendment is ok.

Oddly enough – as long as it goes Bush’s way the courts should be allowed to decide a woman’s right to choose – oh, and who won a presidential election.


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