Last Pre-Election Post

This will most likely be my last pre-election post. The site I blogged a few weeks ago on the Electoral College has been updated and gives Kerry the advantage w/a few states still up for grabs. Earlier snapshots of this had MN, NH and AR as tied. Now AR and MN are out of that mix but NV has been added. Bush would need to take NH and NV plus 2 barely Kerry states to win….assuming he keeps all his barely Bush states.

Looking at Ohio (why-oh-why-oh-why-oh), the site says it’s barely Bush. USAToday says we are favoring Kerry by 5% points. Who the f*ck knows anymore. All are w/in the margian of error.

There is no way this election will be called tomorrow. Unless pollsters are so off (only polling “likely” voters and not the newly registered folks), it will be painfully close.

Neither candidate will concede ala the ping-ponging of Gore/Bush in 2000. All talk will be done through the spinners and lawyers. Oy.



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