Denial is a wonderful thing – for awhile. I woke prior to my alarm going off – so I just made sure the radio didn’t come on at all. I couldn’t hear it. I went to bed before the results were there – but I knew. Even my dreams were of newsprint reading “Bush Gap Widens”.

I picked up the paper from the driveway – but knew it wouldn’t have any ‘news’ in it, since the paper had to be printed before results were completed. I was half-way to work before turning on NPR.

Kerry’s recounts of Ohio is a pipedream. Denton would love it if Kerry won the electoral college, but not the popular vote….and let Bush see how it feels. Nice idea – but not gonna happen.

And Bush / Card / Cheney / Rove can take their “mandate” and shove it up their ass. “Mandate” for what? Forced school prayer? A woman’s right to choose? Marriage? Running up the debt a few more trillion dollars – w/no one to answer to?

How the fuck are we going to survive another 4yrs of this shit??? HOW?


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