Love & Marriage – and the ‘Right’

Usually when one protests to much – they should really be taking a hard look at themselves. It would seems the Red states won’t do this because they probably won’t like what they see.

The NYT reports that most red states have a higher divorce rate than Blue states. In particular KY, MS and AR, which overwhelmingly passed state constitutional amendments for gay marriage have three highest divorce rates in the country (2003). I would expect these guys to have better moral values than treating marriage so lightly.

The lowest divorce rate is in – and I know you all can guess this – Massachusetts. Hey! Isn’t that where it is the only place legal to wed someone of the same sex??

Co-ink-ee-dink? Je think not. ….or, maybe folks in KY, MS and AR just got divorced when they all realized they didn’t wanna be married to their cousin or sister! or both.


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