WOW! It’s been over a week since I’ve blogged anything. That hasn’t happened in a long time. Guess it is post-election let down. And just swamped w/other everyday living things.

But a good note is that I now have been extended an offer at CCF’s Center for Neurological Restoration. Definately a move up – or at least a move. A very very promising department that eventually should only be 2nd to the CCF Heart Center (voted #1 for the last 10 yrs by U.S. News & World Report) in specialty and innovation.

It was a long, complicated process. Not so much for me – but politically. Always w/the politics. I swear – Becky and Denton were more excited and relieved there was a conclusion than I was – or maybe it hasn’t hit yet.

So ‘they’ say: New Car, New Job, New Haircut, New House, New Date.
Done. Done. Will buzz my head tonite. Perhaps in the spring. I’m good w/whom I am with.


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