Selling the House

No it has not sold. 15 days!!! it’s been on the market. A realtor friend said, “oh, you haven’t sold in two weeks – you poor f*cking baby!”, but you know – he lacked sincerity. I believe he was being sarcastic! F*ckwad!!!!

I mean, this is 3x longer than the house was on the market when we bought it 8 yrs ago. What are wrong w/these people??? It’s a great house. Good upkeep. Decent price. The upside down buried statue (which Denton refers to as Susan St. James) hasn’t done the trick. Her work in Kate & Allie was always quite weak. Her real estate skills clearly aren’t much better.

Ernie says the concerns from lookie-lous (my phrase, not his) is the house next door. The rental. The one w/the lopsided backstairs that need scraped and painted (along w/portions of the back of the house). The one where WE pulled down the gutter that was hanging by one nail. The one we (ok *I*) have reported repeatedly to city inspectors.

30 days till we close on the new house. THIRTY DAYS PEOPLE!!!!!


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