Revenge of the Sith

Why write about going to a movie? Well, besides that it is the end of a 28 year train ride, we also so rarely go out to movies anymore it almost seems like a lifechanging event!

I was amazed by the crowds. I knew opening weekend would be busy but it was a beaufiful warm, sunny Saturday afternoon – and we were crammed into a theatre w/698 other people. Ok, WE were there too, but I bought the tix on-line to avoid the crowds at the box office…so I had no idea what the weather would be like. Had I not purchased them already, I probably would have opt’d for rainy cold Sunday afternoon instead.

The movie was sooo much better than Episodes I and II – but so is having your teeth cleaned. The acting was marginally better (how could it not be?). Lucas does seem to suck the life out of the actual flesh and blood characters. It’s a gift I guess. But the pacing of the film was the key and it’s saving grace.

A number of reviews (I have since read them post-movie, since I vowed not to read a thing before seeing it) said it was the best of all six. It is not, but up in the two three. For the record my order goes: V, IV, III, VI, I and II.

If you have seen the others you almost have to see this one…just to end it. Not huge huge surprises…since we know who is in Episode IV, you’re not going to wonder if Yoda or Obi-Wan survives any battles.

Oh, and it turns out Luke and Leia are TWINS!!!!!!!!!!


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