Long, Busy & Embarrassing Day

We were up before the crack of dawn for the inital move. Just us and U-Haul. Had to move a breakfront that was my great-grandmother’s and whom my grandmother insisted I have right before she died 20 yrs ago. My sister was holding it for all those years. Also we took everything we had boxed up – and all the garage belongings.

All in all, I’d say we got about 50% of what the house holds into the new house. Tomorrow we’ll do another 20% or so – and the rest by movers on Friday. The plan was NOT to get new appliances immediately (though soon), but the refrig smells SO rank, I believe we will be ordering one tomorrow!!!!! Yeah – THAT bad.

Anyway – a long day. And then I had to head to a staff meeting which started @ 5p. Since I cancelled the last one and they’re only quarterly, I felt I had to be there. The room was full. I walked across it to close the door – and I don’t know what happened, but fell FLAT on my face after taking down a chair in the process. The only thing hurt was my pride. Oy vey.


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