Damn Ashcroft!

Yes, he’s gone and still reeking havoc in all our lives. Completing paperwork for the title on the new and old houses has become even more time consuming due to the Patriot Act !!! Yes the very one that likes to infringe on your civil rights all in the *possible* name of freedom and security.

Maybe Al Qaeda is smarter than I am (no, actually, i’m sure they are) – but I never would have thought of laundering money through the buying and selling of houses and wiring the proceeds to a pre-established bank account. I also wouldn’t have though to use Microsoft’s Flight Simulator to teach me to fly into the WTC.

Social Security Cards are now needed at the time of transactions along with two forms or picture identification – which the title agents took digital pictures of !!!

I don’t know we exchanged enough money that could have purchased a shoulder-to-air-missle, though I don’t know what they really go for on the market (eBay never has them). And w/the money we had, I don’t know any dirty bomb could be built that would do any damage to more than, say, the Chittenden area at Ohio State (and really – doesn’t look like one has already gone off there?).

So if you don’t think your government isn’t watching you – watch out. They are.

And AG Gonzalez, since I’m sure this will be brought to your attention, you know where to find me. Just ask Erie Title and Realty One Title.


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