The 2008 Presidential hopeful has hopefully got a good dose of his own medicine. Pun completely intended.

Bill Frist denied he contadicted doctors who reported that Terri Shivo (still Terri Whatshername to me) was in persistent vegetative state. “I never made the diagnosis,” Frist told reporters. “I wouldn’t even attempt to make a diagnosis based on a videotape.”

But schwing, Democrats finally (!!) pulled a GOP tactic that publically calls him out. I’m sure Frist doesn’t think anyone watches C-Span, but is he really idiotic enough to not realize that every major new organization showed him on the senate floor pretty much givng his tele-second opinion: “That footage (some Terri video footage from probably her 15th bday party), to me, depicted something very different than persistent vegetative state.” Um…he is a cardiologist by training, correct?

This FristFlub could be taken a step further by the DNC if they so chose. How can Frist run on any healthcare issues when he completely shows himself as a sub-standard doctor who:

a. misdiagnoses someone he’s never seen or met via videotape while…
b. simultaneously pushing his religious/medical beliefs (in that order, I might add)all for furthering HIS career?

Time to run him into the ground folks. It’s the only way.

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