Poor Cindy Sheehan

She is the mother of a soldier in Iraq who was killed. Presently she is camped outside Bush’s ‘ranch’ in Crawford, TX. (oh, let’s face it….she’s probably not closer than a 10 mile perimeter b/c Shrub doesn’t let people who disagree w/him anywhere near him.)

National media and moveon.org have taken notice of her. Countless (ok, you *can* probably count them) have appeared in print and television regarding her quest to personally ask Bush why her son died? I’m sure not why HER son died – but why her son had to die, as she disagrees with his decision to go to (and continue) this war. Of course, he hasn’t met with her – and sent two plebes to do his work for him. Didn’t satisfy her – and good for her. He should answer…or at least send Jenna to the front lines…even for a month.

But Kristinn Taylor (two Ns in her first name – too many study halls in high school), co-leader of the Washington, D.C., chapter of FreeRepublic.com, which holds pro-troop rallies, said Sheehan’s actions are misguided and hurt troop morale.

“She has a political agenda that goes way beyond her son’s death in combat,” Taylor said.

Um……yeah. And the problem with that would be……………?

G-d forbid that we all act like lemmings and never have an opinion about anything. I suppose if no one protested the Vietnam War, we’d still be there. Ms. Taylor has her opinion, which is political and goes way beyond Ms. Sheean’s protest. So F her.

And as for Sheean hurting the troop morale: I suppose inadquate supplies, pushing 1900 deaths and a war based on lies makes everything peachy keen with the boys (and girls too).


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