The Good and the Bad (and yes, the Ugly)

Good – Tom DeLay finally is on the road to getting his due. His arrogance will hopefully finally be his downfall. Talk about not seeing the forest for the frickin trees. Hopefully Frist is not too far behind (though I would like that to be delayed another year, just as presidency bids are being thrown into the ring).

Bad – John Roberts is our 17th Chief Justice. I’m not horribly surprised…nor do I think many people are. The GOP should be thanking g-d (or R-ve) for Katrina and Rita. Those hearings and lack of information slid right through every frickin crack there was in the system. But I do NOT want to hear the fuckin’ republicans bitch ever about partisan politics. At least the Democrats were evenly split on Y/N votes (22 each). The GOP – every single one of em voted Y. Nothing like sticking w/party politics…right or wrong.

Ugly – Bolton is in place. Roberts is in place. One more Supreme Court judge to go (ugh!). Rove is seemingly off the hook for the CIA leak. Bush is going to rape the Alaska Nature Preserves for oil – AFTER he started a panic saying to conserve fuel, which will reap his oil friends BILLIONS in raised fuel prices. It’s all working out quite nicely for Shrub…even if his ratings are in the crapper. He doesn’t care about his popularity – he’s on his way out anyway. His g-d will save him (or so he thinks), and he’ll be richer than ever.


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