Killer Pinball

So in the lobby of the megaplex has a pinball machine that uses jawbreakers instead of actual pinballs. The shitty thing about the game is – you have to get the jawbreakers into three of six holes to actually get the candy. If it goes in any of the ‘wrong’ three holes you lose the jawbreaker. Kind of shitty to do to a kid.

After we took my niece and nephew to ‘Wallace & Gromit’ today (which they surprisingly liked) and they played this game (and won) we drove home. No sooner had we gotten to the first light when I noticed that Carmen was choking on the jawbreaker. Denton jumped out to get to the backseat and just opened the door when she finally dislodged it. Naturally she was scared (she’s only 6) and started to cry, even though she tried not to.

I on the other hand, was probably MORE scared. And now branded for life as during the drive back to her parents she was seemingly in a good mood when she dropped the bomb: “you know, I’ll remember choking on that for the rest of my life!”


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