Keep em Barefoot & Pregnant!!!!

G-d….the folks of Cleveland (or the Plain Dealer reading public) continue to astound me w/their backwater mentality. As many have seen here, I occasionally post the PD’s question of the day/Monday Moaning. Yesterday’s question related to ‘Should a Woman Change Her Name When She Gets Married?’

I can only assume that all the answers were sent in by men. And hopefully (?) octagenarians at that.

Here are the answers (my favourite is from N. Ridgeville b/c, clearly a woman is nothing w/out a man and the identify of her own family is bupkus!):

“A woman that doesn’t take her husband’s name is a red flag for the husband because she may be looking at divorce.” — Lyndhurst

“Absolutely. It’s not Mrs. and Mr. I think there would be fewer divorces if women would get off their high horse and become Mrs. John Jones.” — Cleveland Heights

“Why would any woman not want to change her name? It’s an honor to have a man’s last name and the pride that he gives her with his family.” — North Ridgeville

“I believe a woman should change her name so that a family which shows unity is formed. Unity creates a stronger bond and when children are involved, one name helps to unite them all. It’s like our nation. We used to be more united when we were all Americans. Now we are either Americans or hyphenated Americans. It’s amazing how much this divides our country. Why can’t we all just be Americans who are proud of our heritage? You can still have your individual traits with your name uniting your family for all to see.” — North Royalton


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