Young Hobbits in Love

So The Two Towers was on TV last night. Not that I hadn’t seen it before – several times, but there was nothing else on and I was vegging. Denton had walked in during the last 30 minutes of it – just as Sam, Frodo and Gollum were about to be turned over by Faramir to his father.

To further set-up the scene: Frodo presents himself in front of the Nazgul and about to put the ring on. Sam, seeing this, tackles him and they tumble down a staircase, where Frodo proceeds to draw his sword and hold it to Sam’s neck. “It’s ME – your Sam!!” After realizing what he’s done, they have a little tete a tete…blah blah blah ‘friendship’….blah blah blah ‘good in the world’…..

…then Denton chimes in “it’s Brokeback Mountain for the geek set.” He made me ROR.


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