Shrub Sickens Me

Just as W was doing all the things the media said he should: fireside chats, admit mistakes, etc to turn around his 2nd term, he gets caught w/his pants down – but not in a Clintonian way. Now the schmuck does what comes naturally – fucking around w/the law and being, not only completely unapologetic, but vowing to continue in his probable illegal actions.

…and I’d never thought I’d say this, but thank g-d for Arlen Specter. He vows to look into this in depth, just as he is w/the indictment of Jose Padilla on charges just to avert constitutional law and a supreme court decision.

Though W tries to cloak this all in 9/11 – I’m hoping most will see through it. He is already calling the media unpatriotic for reporting the story – and ‘breaking’ national security. Again – completely unaware and unapologetic to his actions. What a dumb, yet typical, motherfucker!

I do have issues w/both Frist and Pelosi knowing this was going on – especially the latter. To feign indignation is quite hypocritical. Tying any vote to the Patriot Act on this is a HUGE joke. At this point, why would we think that any yes or no vote would stop Shrub from doing what he g-ddamn wanted to in the first place?

I did smile @ Russ Feingold’s comment: “Last I checked, it was President Bush, not King Bush!”


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