No one can say I don’t promote a cohesive team. What other workers do you know that systematically have a watch-out person to see when another co-worker leaves her office? Then the other one swipes her iBook? And for good measure – gets her credit card number (but not taking the card)?

(Un)Fortunately, that’s where their big scheme and brains seemingly stopped. Purchasing airline tickets is a tough thing now-a-days. I mean…you have to use your name to go along w/the ID you have to show to the TSA. So tracking it back isn’t ALL that difficult.

But then setting up an SBC account for your DSL line in your name along w/your wireless phone service isn’t the brightest idea either.

The joke is – they are seemingly unaware that I know and the police know that we are on to them. As the investigation silently goes forward – they just show up to work and do their job (which they are about to lose).

To my credit – I didn’t hire them. I inherited them.

Unfortunately, now I fear patients who present credit cards for payment might also be subject to some theft. No complaints – but wouldn’t it be foolish of me not to be proactive to ask the police to look into that?

Mon Dieu


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