My little statcounter is great. Not only do I know how many people have been visiting the site – I can drill down to states/countries that have visited me. It does make me proud.

It also makes me wonder how you all got here. Mostly a fluke, I would imagine. Your Google searches for certain topics, probably bring up some key word or phrase I’ve been ranting about. Then you click on it to see and then the inevitable ‘hey! what the hell?’.

Out of the last 100 hits to the site – you came from 21 different states and 9 different countries (a shout out to the folks in the UK, Israel, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Canada, France and of course, the U.S.). Now that I know I have an international fanbase, oh the pressure should be on. But it’s not. I just have to be the same old Blobby I’ve always been. Can’t let this go all to my head ya know.


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