What is up w/Thin Mints?

It’s the only thing I can attribute to my dreams. It happened again after eating a ‘few’ (hey! it’s all relative!!!!) thin mints. Last night was even worse than before. Ok – maybe not ‘worse’ – but strange.

Carly Simon (in dress and heels) doing the laundry for a guy named Ehrhard Langer. Ehrhard and I went to school from 4th to 8th grade. I’ve never seen him since. Ehrhard was always a big kid for his age – not fat. Just big. But last night I found the secret to his size. He wore padding everywhere. I found this out as Carly was getting ready to do his wash. We laughed that I knew his secret.

Somewhere later, it segued to two of my sisters. One was drawing this on her walls:

The other sister was altering it behind her – w/out the other’s knowledge.

There were other parts to the dream. I know I should have written them down when I woke up – but I didn’t.

But really – how can you top Carly Simon doing someone else’s laundry? At least she wasn’t singing!


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