Sure, there are thousands of Cheney cheap shots to take (oops…one right there). But the news is just too fucking odd.

Between Libby saying his leaks were ok’d by ‘superiors’ (effectively letting Cheney and Rove off the hook w/the statement’s cloudiness) and Chertoff/Brown ping-ponging their Katrina failures and blames – to be honest, if it’s not Family Circus I just can’t read the paper.

Ok – that last part is a lie. Mark Trail or Apartment 3G perhaps – but I’d never read Family Circus. Hell, I won’t even link you to it just as a joke.

But I have nothing of huge interest to blog here. I guess I could tell you about the chicken I made for dinner last night. My valentine’s dinner that I ate alone. Booo-Hoooo. That could lead me into a piece on “Alone Again, Naturally”, but that would naturally segue into Gilbert O’Sullivan (g-d help me – there IS a official website) and was that his real name? I mean, did he change it to have name recognition w/Gilbert & Sullivan – and if so why? What part of early ’70s pop buying demographics related to operettas about duty? He he….I said ‘duty’.

Ok, no crying – it was kind of nice to have the place to myself (not that Kylie or Tovah would ever let me BE alone). So I obsessed over rebuilding/refining my iTunes liberry while the Olympics were on (muted).

I will leave you w/this that I came across awhile back (sorry can’t remember a reference to which to link you) that I found amusing:

Some people are like Slinkies—not good for anything, but still bring a smile to your face when you push them down the stairs.


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