Gay Adoption

You gotta hand it to Rove. The best way to polarize U.S. politics is w/the gays. We are the go-to guys when your party is faltering and in need of distraction from true issues. If not marriage, then civil union. If not civil union, then why not put a ban on adoption by the homos. It sure takes the heat off of , oh, let’s see….war, economics, declining poll numbers (he he…I said ‘pole’), Cheney shooting someone in the face (thanks for the link Mr. Green!), Valerie Plame, giving up our ports to the UAE, Katrina….shall I go on?

And middle America (which, btw, I live!) will eat this shit up.

Natch the GOP launches this as the 2006 election cycle starts brewing. Oh – and don’t think they won’t be trotting out JebShrub for this. Florida already has this on the books. And it’s a perfect way to kick-off his bid for the 2008 presidential election (oh c’mon – you didn’t really think the GOP would pick McCain, did you???).

Ruckiry, I’ve never wanted children myself (a stint at babysitting my younger sister, where I chased her around the house w/a butcher knife gave me that epiphany. Oh yeah – and girls: ewwwwwwww!!). But for those who do, states (16 more are considering it) could put into law that would easily thwart legally adopting a child if you are gay.

Here in the Buckeye state, Rep. Ron Hood, the Ashville republican sponsoring the bill, said he believes children raised by gay parents have increased risk of physical and emotional problems and might question their own sexuality. Um…..yeah, b/c my non-gay parents really deflected that risk for me!

There is a little good news for the state that put Shrub in power for another 4 yrs: House Speaker Jon Husted, (a REPUBLICAN) dismissed the bill as discriminatory. Oh – and then topped it off and stunned a few people in the process by saying, “I’m adopted!”. Schwing!

And I’m assuming what was tongue-in-cheek, democrat, State Sen. Robert Hagan sent out e-mails to fellow reps, stating that he intends to “introduce legislation in the near future that would ban households with one or more Republican voters from adopting children or acting as foster parents.”

Ohio has about 3,000 children who are available for adoption because their parents’ rights to them are severed. Let’s multiply that by 17 (the 16 states thinking of this same route, plus Florida who already has it in place). 51,000 kids minimally (figuring w/Ohio’s ever declining population, other states have the same or higher foster child rate).

So, let’s put this into GOP perspective:

– Ban sex education in schools
– Ban condom distribution
– Children/unmarried couples practice abstinence only (b/c that works so well)
– Limit/Eliminate abortion
– Limit adoptions to healthy families with both mother and father who are heterosexual
– Cut funding and Medicaid to the needy who are most likely raising children or taking in foster children as a mean of support from the state

Yeah – those kids should be snapped up in NO time! And well provided for. And no new ones coming down the pipleline. Problem: solved!


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