Such a restless night. I awoke at 12:37a to a noise downstairs that I decided to check out. One cat was at the end of the bed snoring (yes, snoring!) so I know it wasn’t her. But I did need/want to check on the other one anyway. Kylie was appropriately where she normally has been the last week or so. Finding no reason for the noise, I went back to bed. …apparently just to lie there. Kind of.

I’m not sure if I was awake, but I sure as shit wasn’t asleep. The only way I can describe it is – it was like a really vibrant acid trip (um………….I’ve heard). Though my eyes were closed, I kept seeing things. Images. Changing images. Shapes. Colours. Sometimes floating. Sometimes pulsing. It’s what I imagine Laser Floyd would be like. Hopefully I’ll never have to have that confirmed!

Mind over matter was not working here. I could not deviate my thoughts to make any of this go away. It was continual. It was annoying. It was keeping me from getting any sleep. Then out of nowhere, I envision what is like a solid wall of steel – w/a calming eerie steel-blue light shining on different parts of it. It was almost……..relaxing.

I opened my eyes and look at the clock. It’s 1:38a. One hour. One minute. Closing my eyes again – the images were gone. It probably took 20 more minutes – but I got back to sleep, which lasted another 3hrs. At least it was something!


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