…you decide.

In my REM state (rapid eye movement – not ‘World Leader Pretend’ mode. …think about it. think about it.…), I go into a pet store. But you have to sign-in when you go into this pet store. Stranger yet, the people working the sign-in desk are Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie. eeeek. The two most over-exposed tramps television has seen since…well…..ever. I feel even a little dirty that I had to search for a picture of them.

Scanning the store – though I have no idea what I was there for in the first place – there is a giant octopus slithering down the wall. Creeped me out – even more than the two whores at the sign-in desk. …and I know that’s an insult to whores but………..

But as ‘we’re’ walking towards a certain aisle (I have no idea who ‘we’ are – I just know I was not there by myself), I encounter two men. One who is a Cyclops. Yes, you heard me. One eye. Dead center of the face. Naturally, I get out my cellphone to take a pic, but the other guy grabs it from me after I snap it.

Then I woke up. Damn this heat! Like my dreams aren’t f’ed up enough!


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