Damn this Jon-Benet story. 10yrs later and i is still annoying me. Leave it to the cable news channels to take a five minute story and beat the hell out of it for 4-5 days continually. If they do sports or weather at all during these times is just to report what teams are playing in Boulder or what the dew point is at Patsy Ramsey’s grave!

Part (ok, more than part) of me wants this guy (who seems creepy as hell, and like most “alleged” criminals, has a three part name) to be innocent just so possibly, just possibly, the CNNs, FOXs and MSNBCs of the world stop and go, ‘oh……, did we just fuck up’. I know, I know……that’s just crazy talk on my part.

But with the Nancy “I Wish My Dick Were Bigger” Grace’s of the world (and by world, I mean cable tv) is there such a thing as a fair trial anymore? That bitch will have you tried and convicted before anyone’s even been arrested.

Of course, isn’t the bigger crime making your daughter up as a 6yo whore?

I felt the need to make some light of it (I mean, I am after all…………me!) and I flashed on the mother of all 24 hr news stories. Though I located the clip I wanted, it was lengthier than I thought I needed…but then I figured you’d kind of need the set-up. The part that really made me chuckle is almost 3 minutes into the clip and really only goes for 30 seconds. But I loved it. So you must too.


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