No updates. Not really.

I took off work yesterday. Gotta burn through that PTO before my last day. In reality, I’m thinking I’ll only get one or two more days done before my last official day of work.

We did some decorating things as the painters are trying to finish up, like finding a rug for the entry way. It wasn’t the bathroom tile row of 2000 – but wasn’t pretty. But we moved past it a lot quicker than the tile incident.

I was forced (kind of) to go to a happy hour where I knew someone who was guest bartending for charity. But the main reason is, she works at the cancer center which I’m trying to get employment. I figured face time w/any of her bosses could not be all bad. None of them were there.

Since the bar was having a promotional tie-in w/Miller Lite, they were trying to shove that down my throat. I was having none on it. If I wanted to drink urine, I would. But I’m not paying for it. The bar-staff was not exactly pleased w/me. Everyone else I knew caved and was drinking that swill.

I did get info out of Denise though. Her boss is the person I interviewed w/on Wed. and she really liked me. But the first guy I interviewed w/ two weeks ago said he didn’t think I could do the job b/c I was “too nice”. Denise’s response: “clearly, he doesn’t know fill in my name here“. And the guy has only been there 3-4 wks. Yet when I left the interview, his response was: “I thought this went well. I can’t imagine why we wouldn’t hire you.”.

But they’re discussing me – which I’m taking as a good sign. And they’re discussing me before the initial candidates are done w/their interviewing. Or at least that’s the story.

I have been given the possibility to go back to my old department which at first presented great relief. This has been replaced by angst of what it was like and why I left. I am leaning against it – going against my security issues. Taking David & Becky’s advice on using the time. Or using a colleague who was in a similar situation to avoid going backwards. It will be tough – but necessary.

btw….painters should be done. Before, During and After pics should be posted in the next week or so. We still have pictures to hang, lights to hang, etc. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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