So Long. Farewell. Auf Weidershen. Goodnight.

You may as well add Sayonara, Aloha and Adieu – to you and you and you. No, the blog is not coming to an end. Just 2006. And good riddance!

2006 will not be looked back upon fondly. Personally and professionally, it has been, without a doubt, the shittiest year I have experienced in the last 15 years. I’m glad it’s over.

It’s not like the entire year was horrible – there were some good things that happened. It is just that some events really overshadowed the good stuff. Some of those things were life-changing and not trivial. Certainly they cast a pall over the last 365 days. Ok – maybe the last 340.

Though I’m more the ‘dark cloud’ than the ‘silver lining’ person (yes, it’s true!), I am trying to focus on the good things that happened this last year and the potential for 2007. The ‘lining’ of course is the support of my partner (and cats), family and especially friends.

My core group of friends are always there (and here). Really – how many people do most of us know for 20 years (or so) and are in contact with almost daily? “Thank you internets!” We are a force to be reckoned with and in a group we kind of scare people. Not in a Final Destination IV kind of way – but more in a John Waters kind of way.

2007 is certainly going to present its challenges. It could potentially be a huge transition year – so though I hope it to be better than its predecessor, I’m not counting on it being stellar. Some of these changes could be painful. I’m well aware of this. There is that ‘black cloud’ thingy again. Sorry.

I’ve never been a ‘resolution’ guy before and see no reason to start now. Yeah I need to lose some weight and tone up. Should I take up smoking just so I can quit? Nah. I do need a job – but it’s not a resolution to get a new job – that is a fuckin’ necessity.


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