David called me on New Year’s Day to take me to task for my post on January 1st. You would have thought, being a friend of over two decades, he would just be calling to see how my holidays were. How wrong I was. At first he seemed all cordial, until he got to the real reason he dialed my digits.

He took me to task for being “an Eyore”. He thinks I should be “a Tigger”. David says I need to lose the ‘dark cloud’ thing. I’m not completely disagreeing with him – but it’s not like I make a habit, in this blog, of getting too down on myself – do I?

So while on the phone, I flashed on his comment and all those internet quizzes who tell you what kind of character are you – depends whichever niche quiz you opt to do. Since he had chosen a Winnie the Pooh theme, that is the one I went for. Here was the result:

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

It’s all a lie. I’m no Kanga.

Even while on the phone I had pegged which character I’d be.

I’m Rabbit. Fussy. Controlling. Know-it-All who is always ends up being proven wrong. Slightly Nelly. (I just put that last thing in there before the comments from Jon and Morty started flying.)

At least I’m not Sebastian Cabot – like I accused David as being. His closested character/narrator association might be considered. And it wouldn’t be the first time he was referred to as “Mr. French”. (wink wink…knowwhatimean…knowwhatimean?)

The big plus is – neither of us would be considered that knicker-wearing, tea party going little sissy – Christopher Robin.


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