Ohhhh…..a Gime!

Man oh man – I started at the gime yesterday. It was an OK start. Nothing outstanding. I am trying really hard to keep expectations low on track. I always have a habit of going in with grandiose ideals and falling way short.

The plan was to do a half hour on the Life Cycle and another half hour on the treadmill. I only got the first part done. My legs were a little jelly-y when I was done. Granted I pushed myself pretty hard. On my real bike, I do about 13 miles per hour. I was averaging 22. I’m not sure if I was doing ‘better’ in the gym because there were others around or it wasn’t in the showiness of nature.

One thing I have to remember to do is to put my towel over the Life Cycle display. It distracts me beyond belief. I don’t need or want to see how much longer I have to go in my ride. Or if a hill is coming up, or how many miles I’ve gone and calories I’ve burned. I just need to plug in the iPod and do my thing.

Tomorrow I’ll just do the treadmill. Then the elliptical. Eventually I will work my way up to weights and such. These guys I work with are into the boot camp training and core strength training. I am so not there. Certainly not in front of other – and others I know and have to see daily. There is a class called ‘gentle yoga’. I might have to check it out.

I did forget how much I hate the locker room. Oddly enough I don’t mind changing back into my work clothes or showering in front of others (oh, don’t get all dirty on me and I have nothing to be ashamed of…..you know…..down there) – but for whatever reason changing into my workout clothes is odd to me.  I’ll assume this uncomfortableness will pass.

I need to and want to keep up with it. I just have to get over the fact that no one really cares what I’m doing there. I can’t let it be like aerobics back when Morty and I did it eons ago….as funny as that all ended.


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