Time Goes By…….So Slowly

As g-d is my witness, Madonna’s “Hung Up” came up on the iPod after 30 minutes on the recumbent bike and 20 minutes into my elliptical routine. And it was going by…so slowly…so slowly…so slowly……I don’t know what to do. (Morty – that’s the lyric of the song….in case you didn’t know.)

It was a good workout, but time on the bike does just seem to fly for me. Not so much on the treadmill and slower yet on the elliptical.

I’ve been pretty good about going to the gym since getting my membership last week. I do an hour each time and try two different machines every visit. All legs and cardio so far. Nothing upper body…at least just yet. Every once in a while as I am on the treadmill and they’re all sitting side by side, I just want to jump into the OK GO routine (see pic).

I know I’m just getting started, but it is fun to watch others in the gym while I workout. Since I go pretty much the same time, you seem the same cast of characters: the older guy who runs the treadmill like a fiend. The lady who gets there 20 minutes after me and leaves 20 minutes before I’m even done. The guy with the pierced everything (!) who also has the biggest set of wings tattooed on his back (well, I assume since I’ve never seen wings tattooed on anyone before).

Then there was a new guy today: handsome in an odd way. Great nose (what can I say?). The ‘odd way’ was how he carried himself. If he did anything but the elliptical I didn’t see it. And he did it right in front of a TV. And I mean RIGHT in front of it. His face maybe a foot from the screen. And he must have flipped through every channel before starting his routine. Remote in hand, he just stood, then flipped and watched TV about 15 minutes before even getting on the elliptical.

Oh – and the showers. UGH. The ‘body wash’ in the jumbo pump containers? I’m assuming it’s just Prell shampoo. Or Calgon dishwashing detergent. Don’t even get my started on the lotion. Do I really have to be a huge fag and bring my own ‘product’ to the gym?

…and yes….the question is rhetorical.

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