Ridin’ The Rails

Listen people –

If I am going to travel to the DC region and have to go to McLean, VA for some of my biggest clients, I don’t wanna sit in traffic all day long. The gridlock around the beltway is a frickin’ nightmare.  I have no desire to rent a car on those days and travel there – and there is no other way to get there without a kirjillion dollar cab ride.

I would also rather not stay in McLean. I’m not sure I want all my travel meals to be Chili’s and TGIFridays.  But you have so little choice.  Chain resturant or nothing. But the closest Metro station is West Falls Church and still a $14 cab ride to the frickin sites I go to.

But here is what I did notice while I was there this week! I saw big signs posted all over Tyson’s Corners for bringing a tunnel out to Tyson.  I’m begging you to go sign the petition.

I’m not fool enough to think that this extension of the Metro will be done by the time I’m done with this company – even if I work there for 10 yrs and they start building the line today.  But talk about some place that desperately needs it.


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