Cuts You Up

Is it any wonder I’m not straight?

I loathe to shop (unless it’s electronics). I don’t garden. I’m not a great cook. I wouldn’t keep a Cher song on for, say, more than 2.3 seconds…and that’s if my reactions are slow.

Let’s face it – except for my liking to have sex with men, they’d kick me out of ‘the club’ altogether. …and somewhere in upstate New York, my sister just blanched.

Now imagine my pseudo-shame when Rebecca was so appalled at our lack of matching flatware that after the holidays a few months ago, she actually sent us a set from Amazon. It’s true. We’ve mixed and matched pieces from about 3-4 different sets – and we still didn’t have enough.

Normally, gay couples would be flocking to Crate & Barrel to fix this post-haste. We never cared that much. We cared – but not enough to make a career out of finding the right set. We’d look. We’d discuss. We’d leave.

Becky kind of forced our hand. The set she sent was ‘ok’. She said if we didn’t like it to exchange it for something we would – so there were are again, at step one. To be honest, I didn’t really like it. What we didn’t realize until later was, what she ordered and was on the slip was not what Amazon sent. Phew! She didn’t have bad taste after-all.

But Amazon was out of what she did select. And if you start looking at their site, MANY people are shipped the wrong flatware than what was ordered. The stuff we did like has been back-ordered forever….or 3 months…with no sign of coming in. We went to another choice.

We also got it over the weekend. We like it – and we seem very grown-up….for men in their 40s.

But please, look at this Amazon review of the product? I wish I could make this stuff up, but I can’t. And less you believe me, feel free to go here and see that it is indeed posted as such. Clearly the man (?) is off his anti-psychotic meds. (click to make image/review bigger.) I could not stop laughing at this.


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