Happy Birfday

I’m bad at birthday cards. Just horrible. I’ve got my PDA that could tell me a week in advance of someone’s birthday and I still don’t use it like that. I think I’ve utilized every half-decent eCard in the past few years as my last minute catch-alls, but it is just not socially acceptable anymore.

And actual birthday cards themselves are usually so crappy – it’s embarrassing to buy one. One really must look high and low for a good one. My favourite in the last few years was from a line of Backstreet Boys cards – it said: Have a Kevinly Birthday. Stephanie was the recipient of that one. She either didn’t think it was funny or just didn’t get the joke. I’ve never acknowledged her birthday since.

Anyhoo…it’s my friend Jon’s birthday today. He’s like 109 years old or something.


I’d say he’s my oldest friend, but that is in length of years I’ve known him. 22. Actually the “oldest” title belongs to York….but don’t tell him that. I’ve actually known David a few months longer than Jon. …but I digress.

Jon and I bonded when we both worked at OSU Hospitals back in the Paleolithic Era. On a rare night when he could get out, we went to a place in German Village. We didn’t know each other that well, but we sat at the bar drinking beer. And there was live entertainment, a guitarist/singer.

This performer was second only to when I was in Monterey and the solo bar guitarist opened his set with The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. OPENED with it! I was in tears I was laughing so hard. Sadly, no one else found it funny.

But this night the guy was just playing stuff that we weren’t really paying attention to….until he played Piano Man…..on a guitar. At the same time, Jon and I must have heard the song, looked at each other and without saying a word burst out laughing. It was a lifetime friendship forged at that moment. Again, no one else in the place gave it a second thought.

We’ve had about 200,000 of those moments since. His former fag hag, Barb (see, I was nice there) said we were ‘….symbi…..symbi…….you know you guys think alike.’ Ruckiry (not his boss), we’ve also found a group of friends who operate on a very similar level. He’s a great guy and a great friend – for being so old, that is.

The picture isn’t that recent, but it is one of us from Becky’s wedding umpteen hundred years ago. Or six and a half. I was rounding up. Jon still looks this great….and I think I’m not quite as jowely.


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