Canadian Tiffany

I will cop to watching and liking How I Met Your Mother (hey, don’t make fun, I mean, it’s not Medium). It can be funny and Doogie Howser can play the straight cad pretty well……well…for being a homo. And Willow is in it.

Though this YouTube won’t make a lot of sense if you hadn’t seen the episode, but I’ll try to set it up for you in about 50 words or less:

Robin, a character, refuses to go to a mall with her friends…and won’t say why. As it turns out she was a Canadian one-hit wonder back in the ’90s, who sang in malls. As her friends saw the video she made, they asked if it was the ’90s, why did the video look like the ’80s. Her response was, “the 80’s didn’t come to Canada until 1993”.

Seriously though – watch the video. The writers and creators of the show pretty much nail everything that was wrong with music (and video) in the late 80s. Personally, I love the reference to ‘Canada Day’ and all the regional dialect. The addition of ‘the robot’ is a really nice touch too.

..and if you couldn’t figure it oot (ha!), yes, I had nothing to really blog about today. Sue me.


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