Upcoming Renovation

Our master bath looks like something like a dressing room from the set of Dynasty. The old jacuzzi tub that had to be from the first models off the line. The dark green marble floor (and walls) all with the ‘gold package’ detailing make me shudder in horror. The large mirror with the big globe lights that run down either side of it, is like something Linda Evans or Joan Collins would have used….all worn-down, old-looking, dated and plain tired, just like those two hags.

The tub doesn’t drain easily and it actually leaks through the living room ceiling from time to time. I don’t think it’s really been used in over a year.  We’re just using the guest bath for the washing of our twig and berries.

So we had an architect, who specializes in houses of our era, come over to look at the space. He’s assessing the master bath, the smallish closet that backs up against it and what is truly the dressing room (which once was probably a bedroom or nursery).

Our initial thought is to lose the smallish closet and make the bathroom bigger. We’ll lose the tub and just have a large walk-in shower. Also add double sinks. We’ll want to do something with the dressing room so that it can easily be re-converted back into a bedroom whenever (if ever) we want to put the house on the market.

Unlike the old house and its ‘master’ bath, we will not be doing the renovation ourselves.  As fun as that was (not), who has got the time?  Well considering that small room took us 10 months to complete, I am not sure we had the time then either.  But to be fair, we took it down to nothing, did all the demo (where I got my 2 hernias!), electric, plumbing, wall and fixtures.  We only left the tiling and and glass installation to the professionals.

Ahhhhh…..picking out floor and shower tile!!!!  Let the divorce proceedings begin!


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