No Title. No Image.

I hate being in a physical funk.

Whatever hit me Friday night is somewhat still with me.  I have no appetite.  Maybe I’ll lose 5 lbs over this weekend.

Honestly, I’ve had applesauce and a peanut butter sammich.  I tried more solid food and my stomach just seized up on me.  I don’t know how to describe it, other than it felt like someone was grabbing and squeezing it as tightly as they could…repeatedly going from top to bottom.  None of this has manifested itself into discharges of either kind…..which is almost worse, as I was just waiting for that to happen.

I’ve also had a constant, but low grade, headache for 3 days now.  I have to believe it’s due to lack of the electrolytes I need, but the thought of food is unappealing.

My only other symptom is odd, and not new (to me).  For years I have periodically gotten skin sensitivities…to the point I cannot stand the feeling of clothes on that portion of my body.  It usually hits the right side of my body and the upper extremities (including the head).  Sometimes it affects the legs.

This weekend it was the entire upper body – front and back.  It seems to have subsided today, but yesterday was hell.

Don’t tell me it’s the detergent or a reaction to what I’m wearing.  I don’t have to be wearing anything for this to happen.  My doctor, when I finally remembered to tell him during one of my visits, ruled out neuropathy.  He ‘assumes’ it has something to do with a disc in my back.  Um……that’s comforting.  We’ve never taken it any further since when it’s not happening, I tend to forget all about it.  I will this time too.

HA!  This post was to be about that I wasn’t going to post today and just rest.    I stand corrected.


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