Just another post to make us all feel a little bit older.

30 years ago this weekend, Star Wars (episode IV: A New Hope) was released.   Then it was just called Star Wars.

The story line wasn’t horribly original: damsel in distress.  good guys in white.  bad guys in black.  battle for good and evil in the new frontier.  the frontier was the galaxy, not the west. the cowboys were now spacemen.  the horses were X-wing fighters.

That being said, it was (and is) still a pretty good movie – despite George Lucas’ tinkering with every re-release and the stilted acting (which is leaps and bounds better than the second trilogy).

Blobby fights many things commercial. I think it’s why I’ve never seen ET or Grease.  With all the hype that surrounded the original Star Wars release, I fought seeing that too.  I actually never viewed it until about a month before The Empire Strikes Back was released.  Naturally, the second I saw it, I couldn’t wait to see it again, or the upcoming sequel (which truly was the strongest of all six episodes).

A New Hope really was just the start of my sometimes movie geekdom – culminating in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but really it is Raiders of the Lost Ark which probably holds the record for the movie I’ve viewed the most…..and the majority of those in a theatre.  I know every line and every pause.  It drivesDenton insane.

I’m a Star Wars pseudo-geek.  I mean, not as big as say, Jon….but I’m up there.  I like it, I know it, but I don’t live or die by who shot first in the Cantina scene.  I do have a life.

I also have my Darth Tater and my Spud Trooper. But my prized possession is a halogram of Princess Leia bending down to put a disk into R2 telling Obi-Wan, ‘you’re our only hope’.  It doesn’t actually talk, but I add in the dialogue when I play with it.  It came off a Taco Bell soda cup.

I also enjoy the parodies……the one below is one of my favourites.


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