While seeing Knocked Up at the multiplex, where out of 24 theatres, 16 of them were showing Shrek, Spidermen (your friendly jewish webslinger) and/or Pirates, the lobby had a nice and no doubt expensive display for The Simpsons Movie.

Yes, I could not let the opportunity pass without getting a picture of me sitting on Homer’s couch.

Or two pictures.

And trust me, I wasn’t the only one. Going into the movie there were many many tweens through adults waiting their turn. I overheard one girl in her 20s go, “wow, I thought we were going to be original in doing this.”

I’m thinking, ‘Honey, you weren’t even the first person that hour who thought of it’, and this was only 2:07p.

I emailed the pictures to my niece and nephew, who want me to take them to the movie (will do!) and my sister saw it and goes “where ARE you?”.  I didn’t know really what she meant until I really looked at the pictures.  You’d never really know I was in a theatre lobby.

Oh – and following the afternoon rain, it turned into an afternoon sauna. If by chance you can’t see the thermometer inside my car, it reads 100F……and two days later the high. This is Northeast Ohio in Spring. Mind you about 1.5 mos ago we got 10″ or so of snow!


One response to “D’OH!

  1. I was at the theatre one day while some teens were doing it. Only problem was the couch collapsed. I laughed so hard I think I pee’d a little. *g*

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