Whacking Day

For the life of me, I do not understand why anyone would actually want to be president. I’m sure they all do the Miss America question/answer thing of “I just want to make the world a better place” bullshit line……but in reality, it has to be 110% ego.

Being POTUS has to be the ultimate dick-extender to these guys (Hillary included).

There has to be a better way, a better system – but for now, it is the only one we have got.   Sigh.

But the thought that Ohio will determine the election again makes me border on physical illness.  I don’t think I can take this again, to have putz after putz of a candidate do what are the equivalent of a drive-by in our state.  Then there will be the swift-boat ads to accompany that shit.   If Tivo wants to make a killing, they should really advertise on how to skip the televised election crap and just record everything and fast forward through it later.  Most people don’t vote (let alone with any knowledge base).

“They” say that it is rare if a president every carries the election without carrying Ohio.  And not that fundraising should have a say in the vote, we all know it does – so let’s take a look at what we’ve got here currently.

Ohio has raised about 9.5% of all candidate funds  at this point, but here’s the breakdown:

$ 701,662 for Romney
Ok, this kind of scares me.  Mitt ranks #1 in fund raising by about, what – 30%?  Mind you $562k has been in the Cincinnati area alone – which is known for its conservative take on things (Robert Mapplethorpe anyone?).  Ruckiry (not Jon’s boss), he barely makes a blip outside of this area.

$491,014 for Obama
Nothing shocking here. Big in Cleveland and Columbus.  Not so much in Cinci.

$435,173 Clinton
More surprising.  I thought she’d be ahead of Barak. The big shock is she is number 2 in the Cinci area with $191k.

$328,374 Edwards
He’s still running?  He’s so under my radar, I had no idea he’d come in fourth.

$287,000 Giuliani
It is nice to know that not everyone is buying into his bullshit.  Though apparently 50% of his funds comes from Columbus alone.   So he’s hitting some demographic there.

Then there is everyone else in the low $100k mark and below.

$15,376 Kucinich
Yes, Cleveland candidate has raised a measly $15k.  It’s not surprising he is in or near least place.  It is on how little he has actually pulled in.

I’ve said it before….it is too early for this shit.  It is bad enough the primaries are 6 mos away. I’m not giving to anyone right now.  It’s a waste of my money when media will knock more than half out probably before the first primary vote is cast.

The line that keeps coming back to me is from an earlier Simpson’s episode:  “Gentlemen….start your whacking!”


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