Harry Potter

Tis (’twas?) the weekend.

A movie and the book. And in a way, the end.

We went to go see HP & The Order of the Phoenix and I thought they did pretty well with it….given the time contraints and all.

The girl they got to play Luna was great. Helena Bonham Carter was not as prominent as she could have been – but whatta gonna do? And of course, Ginny Weasley is showing much promise at a witch.

Is it just me who thinks that the woman who played Delores Umbridge struck an uncanny resemblence to Marion Ross, as she played Loreli Gilmore’s grandmother?

The last book was so easily available, we saw no reason to pre-order this one. The Half-Blood Prince could be picked up in almost any gas station or grocery store. Oddly enough that one and the new one were not available at Borders….ours anyway. Sold Out. But I prefer our slightly more independent bookstore anyway – even if the discounts were not nearly as great. And they have great balloon art (as you can see). We only got one copy. I will re-read the last one, while Denton gets first shot at the final book.

I joked that my plan was to go in at midnight, grab a book, flip to the last page and read it aloud……..then beat a path to the door. But I’m not that cruel………….honest.

However, I did walk into Joseph Beth and picked up the book, turned to Denton and said, loudly “did you know this was coming out? I had NO idea!” Some people looked at me like I was the biggest moron on earth…and some with complete bemusement.

Such is the story of my life.


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