After my travels it was nice to be home – not only because it is home, but because friends were afoot.

I mentioned last week that Rebecca was in town. It is always fun to hang with her, though since having kids, the dynamics are little different. Not bad – just different. I’m thrilled that her two girls are not shy around Denton and myself. It could so easily turn into a scared and crying situation….and I’m talking for us, not them. I know I didn’t want to be near any of my parent’s friends….ever.

Apparently, during some of their travels the oldest daughter asked Becky why Denton and I were not married, as older men should be. There was a brief conversation about gay marriage. Then there seemed to be confusion about which one of us was Denton and which one of us was Blobby. “The balding one….” commentary didn’t help clarify the matter.

During the relay of this conversation, Becky said something about how couples start to look alike after they’ve been together for awhile. Suffice to say, it is only a slight exaggeration to say that this is the look both Becky and I caught on my partner’s face: The prospect or perception of looking like me less than thrilled him. (btw…this is not him.)

We also got to spend time with her family – whom I like and if nothing else, is a gold mine for blog material. Well not all of her family – we think the world of her parents.

Over this last weekend, Andrew came into town. It has been at least 2.5 yrs since we’ve seen Andrew. I was beginning to take it personally. Ok, not really. He’s been very busy getting his practice up and running.

We had lunch. We went to Big Fun (sorry – they have no link). We had a great visit, even though I opted (once again) not to purchase the talking Ed Grimley doll. What is my hold-up with that?

But in the evening we were invited to her brother’s house for pizza, beer and cake……and his wife. You can get food and drink anywhere, but (un)fortunately there is only one LDFRN. To believe she exists is to encounter her…..kind of like Nessie.

Unlike Nessie, she lives to be acknowledged – not hide at the bottom of some Loch. There is no ‘off’ switch with LDFRN – which is great. She is a non-stop question machine – not that she actually wants to hear the answers. And not that I will be stopped from giving them – not that those answers have much to do with the questions she actually poses – much to the delight of her family and in-laws.

OH oh oh oh….I also saw the galley for Becky’s novel which comes out in 2008. (Pre-order NOW!). LDFRN kept trying to formulate a question on what I thought of the main gay character, which may or may not be based on me (pre-order now!). I don’t think we ever got to the end-point except the fact that I was disappointed the book wasn’t titled McKay & Friends. (have you pre-ordered yet?)

I got a great note from Becca Sunday morning before they hit the road at 5:00 a.m., it just made me smile. And it made the weekend.


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