YouTube Monday

I feel like I’ve been letting down the readership a bit. I always do when I post a YouTube clip instead of a post post.

That being said, a friend of mine sent me this clip which I found amusing – at least at first showing. It’s not one of those things that will be played over and over.

I was offered the opportunity to get an iPhone as my birthday present a few weeks ago. We even went to the Apple store to play with them….again. I just could not justify that kind of money on a first generation phone. That didn’t even include the plan or breaking my existing service contract with Sprint – though I’d love to. G-d do they have the crappiest service/reception ever. But I digress…..kind of….

I did get taken to my annual birthday dinner last Friday. Ok – maybe it happens every two or three years. Many a-time, the event usually goes by the wayside. Someone is traveling or we never get around to it, but this year I emailed the man and said ‘where are you taking me for my dinner?’ – even though it was almost two weeks ago. I was kind of shameless, but we’ve been really enjoying getting out more and not being such homebodies.

We hit a nice little, but upscale, italian place overlooking the city.

Kind of a cool picture. I didn’t know where we were going or I might have brought my real camera with me – but the phone still captures the essence after a few glasses of wine. (click image to enlarge)

Denton got the most amazing goat cheese ravioli dish with a balsamic reduction, topped with bits of prosciutto and melon. My pasta was ok, but I kept picking from his dish. The chocolate mousse cake with chocolate ganache was not too shabby either.

As for the iPhone? I can live without it. I picked out something that will last a lot longer and not go out of date so quickly. Hopefully not at all. But it’s not here yet – so you’ll hear about it and see once it arrives.


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