An Apple a Day

Just because I’m having massive massive troubles with my Powerbook G4 does not make me any less of an Apple fan. ….Blobby said as he typed on a Windows based, XP driven unit. cough cough gag

I don’t need one, but aren’t the new iPods cool? My three year old Nano works just fine. No video or anything, but if I had video, that means I’d have to download and pay for them. And then they get stored on a computer that I can no longer access.

It is a good thing that 98.4% of my music is stored on a server – so I’m not really losing too much. I have a few dozen songs that MAY have come from outside sources that are not my own compact disks. Ruckiry (not Jon’s boss), they are on my Nano now, so I don’t even think I lost those.

Denton will tell you I didn’t back-up often enough and how this is just like that Sex and the City episode where Sarah Jessica Parker loses her entire stockpile of articles. …and yes, it’s just like that, but I’m not that big of a skank. (Shut up – each and every one of you!)

I have not lost complete hope on getting some of that stuff back. I’m only about 65% sure I’ll get the Mac back to working order…..but at what price…..literally?

The Genius Bar had no openings for me the other day. And the new iPods hit the stores this weekend. Do I really want to even attempt to venture in there to get service? But how long can I hold out?

….and how long can I keep going in there without walking out with a new Nano or iTouch?

On a side note: who did Nelly Farturdo have to blow to get on almost every screen for the ad campaign?


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