Doubting Charlie

Of course you know I am not above being lured into conspiracy theories. Unless it is a similarly titled movie starring Julia Roberts & Mel Gibson (seriously – who the fuck thought the teaming of those two would be a good idea?).

But I am also fickle in my belief(s). On one hand I do not believe that Oswald acted alone, yet on the other, I don’t think Mark Fuhrman planted any bloody glove behind O.J.’s guest house. I pick my conspiracies very carefully – and never rarely based on any fact or logic.

Type ‘9/11 conspiracy’ into Goooooogle and you get (or I did) 2,870,000 items. Truth be told, I did not go through every hit that Gooooogle pulled up…..or even a half-dozen of them.

A few months ago I got a business card stuck on my car for Loose Change 9/11, which seems to be a movie regarding what did or did not happen back in 2001. I think I will be skipping it – if it actually ever does come to my local gigaplex.

Then of course, some of you may have heard Charlie Sheen and Rosie O’Donnell‘s rants on why or how WTC Building 7 fell hours after the North and South towers. 7 was not even a building which was hit. Because when I do want facts – those are the two reliable sources I look to. They are the source of all truth.

No doubt you’ve seen the folks who don’t believe the Pentagon was even hit by a plane at all. No no… was possibly it was hit by a missile. One that allegedly wasn’t a jumbo jet going a few hundred miles per hour.

But what most doubters / conspirators are overlooking is only a few hours to the south of them. Not unlike Capricorn One, for all I know, television could have had us all duped. Could the towers never have imploded at all? Possibly someone just teleported them to Silver Spring, MD.

My proof? Well, I snapped this picture just a few weeks ago. There they are – hiding in plain sight. And it even says so right on the structure… they are mocking us.

I doubt Mel Gibson or Julia Roberts would be caught dead there (no pun intended). On the other hand, I could see Charlie Sheen there. ….with a cheap hooker.


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